How many actions do I have to complete to achieve an award level?

Office and residence teams will need to achieve the following:

Sustainability Dozen: Complete all 12 Sustainability Dozen criteria.
Bronze: Complete 18 out of the 20 bronze criteria.
Silver: Complete 18 out of the 21 (office) or 22 (resideces) silver criteria.
Gold: Complete all 5 Gold mandatory criteria, plus 2 optional Gold criteria, and a Gold Action Plan.

Where can I find out more information about the functionality of the workbook?
There is a user guide which you can refer to here, which explains how to manage your personal and team account, how to access the glossary, how to make and review comments and evidence, how to export or print the workbook as well as submitting your workbook.

If you are still having problems with a particular workbook functionality issue please contact Zoe Arnold, Project Manager at SOS-UK. For anything else, please contact Alexandra Hepple, from King's Sustainability team.

What are the questions for at the bottom of criteria boxes and how do I fill them in?
At the bottom of some criteria you will find an extra footer, asking you to input some specific data. For example, 'How many staff use reusable cups?' There will be a small box next to the question where we would like you to input the answer. For many of these boxes the figure will need to be an estimate, however that's OK - give your best guess based on the information you have available! All questions require a numerical answer. The boxes are optional, however where possible please answer these questions as this will help the University and Green Impact nationally to monitor and evaluate the positive impact that you are having, and communicate this back to you and others.

How do I migrate evidence from previous toolkits?
Migration is a very useful tool, but do bear in mind that it is permanent and cannot be undone.
If you want to migrate evidence and comments from previous years, you can open the Archive Workbook using the menu on the right of the homepage, scroll to the relevant criterion and click on the 'Notes/Evidence' tab. You can then click on links to migrate the information.
Note: You will need to make sure you are migrating the information over to the correct criterion, as the references may have changed due to toolkit edits over the summer.

How do I access the glossary?
You can directly access the glossary here.
Throughout the toolkit, click on any word in green lettering and it will take you to the glossary, though some may be hyperlinked words to websites. Alternatively, you can access it by clicking on the ‘open book’ icon found at the top of the criteria pages. The glossary will then pop open in a new tab.

How do I print the workbook?
There is a printer symbol in the right hand corner above the ‘done’ box on each of the criteria pages. Click that symbol and a new tab will open which provides a print preview page. This lists the criteria in a print-friendly format although of course we recommend you only print if absolutely necessary.

What is the comments box for?
The comments box is there to support the workbook completion and audit process. When auditing the auditors will wish to see evidence for the criteria. The comments box can be used to record information that will make the audit easier by recording where a document is saved for example or by recording who implemented the criteria. This can also support the team in keeping track of what has happened within the team as each comment is threaded showing you who’s left the comment and when.

How do I change my password?
To change the your password or any other contact details, click on the profile tab which can be found on the right hand side of the introduction page once you have logged in. You will see that you are then able to enter a new password.