Key information on the scoring, programme milestones and support involved in Green Impact Students' Unions can be found through our FAQs listed on our resource bank.

Join the NUS Sustainability, Ethics & Climate Action’ Facebook Workplace page where you can ask questions and share ideas with other staff leading on GISU.

We have a series of useful guidance and template documents, case studies and webinars on our GISU resource bank which you can view and download here.

Where can I find out more information about the functionality of the toolkit?
There is a toolkit user guide which you can refer to and found in our resource bank here. It explains how to manage your personal and team account, how to access the glossary, how to make and review comments and evidence, how to export or print the toolkit as well as submitting your toolkit. If you are still having problems with a particular toolkit functionality issue please contact the GISU team at

View the 2021-22 Offering Guidance

Data Protection
When uploading evidence please do not upload any information that is not suitable for the public domain such as personal information/financial information etc. If you have any queries please contact the GISU team